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Christian SEO Tools and Christian SEO Tips from OurChurch.Com

Christian SEO Tools and Christian SEO Tips from OurChurch.ComAt OurChurch.Com, one of our goals is to inform and educate people about various aspects of having a website and how to make those websites successful. One of the most important things you can do to make your website successful is marketing.

Search marketing is one of the best forms of marketing today. Unlike just about any other form of marketing, search marketing has the ability to provide you with an ever increasing amount of free traffic to your website. With this in mind, I want to encourage you to start actively marketing your website in the search engines if you arenít already doing so, or step up your game if youíve already done some search marketing.

On this page you will find information and links to articles about Search Marketing as well as Christian SEO tools and Christian SEO tips to help you in your search marketing.

Articles With SEO Tips:

Get top rankings with OurChurch.Com's SEO Management services:

As you get started with the marketing of your website, here are 5 free SEO tools you can use to get the SEO ball rolling: (click the heading to display more info)

1. Search Spider Simulator:
2. Keyword Popularity Research:
3. Keyword Competition Research:
4. Keyword Density:
5. Web Page Analyzer:

There are certainly many other SEO tools out there that you could use, but these five tools should get you startedÖand you canít complain about the cost. So, now itís up to you.

Christian SEO Tools and Christian SEO Tips from OurChurch.Com

If you have started marketing your website in the search engines, That's great! Youíve taken a big step to making your website a success. Once youíve started search marketing for your website, itís important to track how you are doing in the search engines, measure the success of your efforts, and find ways to improve your results.

Here are four free SEO tools to help you measure the search marketing for your website:
(click the heading to display more info)

1. Ranking Reports:
2. Alexa:
3. Link Reports:
4. Google Analytics:

Knowing how well your marketing efforts are working allows you to make better marketing decisions in the future. For example, if you find that after optimizing your site for a particular keyword your website still doesnít rank well for it, then you can either decide to target a different, less competitive keyword, or work on targeting that keyword with link building. With better marketing decisions you can continue to increase the effectiveness of your marketing and the success of your website.

OurChurch.Com also offers a variety of Search Marketing services to meet the needs of any business or organization. If all this seems a bit overwhelming, we would love to help. Please visit our Marketing Services section to learn more about the various search marketing services we offer then request your free, no obligation marketing services consultation.

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