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The OCC DifferenceThere are lots of SEO companies out there and even a decent number of Christian SEO services. But most of those companies are secular companies and most of their "Christian" SEO services are just secular SEO services with word "Christian" stuck into a page title to try to get a piece of the Christian SEO market.

OurChurch.Com Is Different.
We are a Christian company with Christian employees. We understand Christians because we are Christians. We don't have to guess what Christians want or how they think. We know. We understand the words Christians use which sometimes have very different meanings in the secular market. We use our own services with our own churches, ministries and for OurChurch.Com itself.

A Partner, Not a Customer.
At OurChurch.Com we don't consider our members to simply be customers. We consider them partners. We are greatly honored to have the opportunity to serve with these churches, schools, ministries and even businesses to help them to achieve their goals online. We see this as an opportunity to be a part of their ministry. Our ministry is helping other organizations to better perform their ministry or serve Christ through their business.

Serving with Excellence.
The OCC DifferenceWe believe that our ministry is serving others to help them achieve their mission online. Ehpesians tells us to "Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men." We believe this means we should serve with excellence and that is what we do. We don't just perform Christian services. We provide great services performed with excellence for Christians.

True Christian SEO Services.
OurChurch.Com hasn't just slapped the word "Christian" onto a secular SEO service. We specifically developed marketing strategies that would best serve Christian organizations and businesses. We have even tailored those services to specific types of organizations because we know that a church or school has different needs than a business.

We hope you will consider partnering with us and allowing use to help you to achieve your goals online.

God bless.

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